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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Why Train with Lee Anthony Taylor?

Lee has learned so much from his teaching travels worldwide –having worked with
different European, Native American Indian and Maori styles of reflexology to name 
a few. This amazing mix shows in his unique presentations for both undergraduate 
and postgraduate courses.
His courses are always full but he ensures numbers are relatively small compared 
to some schools – which means you get more of his attention while learning.
Look up www.effectivereflexology.com for all the details on how you take 
reflexology further once you have qualified with Lee.

What Past Students Say About The School

  • “Lee introduced me to a whole new way of looking at healing and his teaching gave me the confidence to try reflexology as a career move”
  • “The Effective Reflexology course has been packed full of information to pass on to my patients and I have learnt so much about my own illnesses as well”
  • "Lee's way of looking at things has completely turned my world around. It just makes so much sense to see disease as a friend to work with rather than an enemy to fight against!"
  • “Reflexology is just soooo relaxing!”